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Passage to India

(978) 832-2200


“I love it there…we know the bartender from England who is very nice and greets us always. I have never had a bad experience in all the years I have been there. It is a very cozy and quaint place and there could be a significant wait. But the wait is well worth it. It is a bit over priced but then again it’s well worth it!”
Mary Ann- Revere, MA  

“This place is amazing! My fiance’ and I first ate here last Valentine’s Day and came back to Salem this year for the Ice carvings and of course to eat here! Their coconut soup is the one I judge all others by and the others  never come close!!!   The food is wonderful, service is amazing and personal, and you feel like royalty! Heck, we drive from PA to eat here!”
Susan- Mohnton, PA 

“I lived in India for three years as a kid and have loved the cuisine ever since then. I’ve been to many Indian restaurants up and down the East Coast, and this is close to the best I’ve ever found. The personal attention that the owner gives his diners makes it particularly enjoyable.”
Brian- Marblehead, MA  

“I’ve been a huge fan of Indian food for years, and this has to be one of the best restaurants that I’ve ever eaten at. The wait staff was attentive and remembered us from previous visits. The owner was also very friendly, and talks with his customers, which shows that he cares about your dining experience. The food was excellent and the prices are very good. Now I no longer have to trek to Boston or Providence for good local Indian food; I can enjoy it right in the town we live in.”
AJ- Salem, MA

“So good it’s not even funny. My girlfriend and I visit the restaurant no less than 2 days a week these days and it never gets old. The food is just so fresh and perfectly spiced to order. I almost cried the first time I ordered the Shahi Paneer Korma  *HOT* and it  actually came *HOT*. The servers are friendly and actually remember return customers, which is a welcome change from the Cambridge places I used to frequent. My only critique is that the place is pretty cramped and for such high quality food I’d expect a little more privacy in my dinning experience. ”
Mark- Salem, MA

“I heard great things and finally got the courage to try Indian food. So glad I did! I love it. And I loved the attentive service. I’ve been telling everyone to go there.”
Janet- Marblehead, MA