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Why is it so Difficult Making a Decision on Where to Eat?

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult sometimes (actually, most of the time) to make a decision of where I want to dine in the evening when I’m not cooking at home. For some reason, making my lunchtime decision doesn’t present a problem. Maybe it’s because I have limited time in which to eat, so I just make a snap decision which usually results in eating whatever takeout I can get the quickest to my mouth. It could also be that I am making the decision by myself, unlike dinner when Lida, my most significant other, helps me with the process.

Tough decisions when dining in Salem MAThe difficulty in making the decision seems to be proportional to the hunger pangs in my stomach. The hungrier I am, the harder it is to make a decision. Actually, want want to eat everywhere when I’m hungry. This leads to me to making a bad decision – ie: steak bombs, McDonald’s, etc.

I think most people, including myself, choose a restaurant by the type of food they feel like eating. If you want tacos, then you’re not going to go to an Irish pub or seafood restaurant (though Turner’s Seafood has some great fish tacos). I start by ruling out things that I know I don’t feel like eating and come up with a short list of foods that I have a hankering for. I then match those choices to the restaurants that serve them and then pass the decision by Linda who usually rules out my 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice (probably because it’s some unusual ethnic food or vegetarian). Eventually, we arrive at a decision, which by that time I would have settled for pretty much anything because I’m so hungry. What we end up doing is dining at one of the same half dozen places that we usually eat at because we are so hungry that we want to make sure we are eating food that we know we like.

When you’re not so hungry you can rationalize eating at a new place because if you don’t like the food you can always stop on your way home for a steak bomb or McDonald’s.

Jim Armstrong