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Dotty & Ray’s


(978) 744-9730


“Dotty and Ray’s is a wonderful neighborhood restaurant, where you always get great food and service at a great price.”
Dan- Salem, MA

“Wonderful neighborhood restaurant where “everybody knows your name”. A cheers sort of place without Norm and a Beer. Good food, quantity and price make this place a best buy in my opinion.”
Jack- Salem, MA

Witch’s Brew Cafe

(978) 745-8717


“This place has got to be one of the hidden treasures of Salem’s restaurants. Tucked away in what appears to be a small house edifice, the Witch’s Brew is an amazing place to enjoy a meal. The atmosphere is wonderful, and the conversation was easy with any and all who were attending that day. Of course, the locals know about the place, and I had the great fortune of having it suggested to me for lunch, and it paid off! Many travelers do not know about this wonderful cafe, and need to find out! It is located on Derby Street in Salem, on the street that runs along the waterfront, and just down the street from the ship in the harbor (The Friendship). I would recommend this place to anyone that will be in Salem. If I could pay the airfare, I would fly to Boston, take the scenic drive up Rt 1A to Salem, and enjoy this place all over again.”
Rob- Chickamauga, Georgia

Salem Beer Works

(978) 741-7088


“Good value for the money, great beers and service. Acoustics are loud, so don’t plan on a quiet evening. Good place to go for great bar menu and sampling different micro-beers.”
Mike- Marblehead, MA

“The place is great. Food and beer is always excellent. Waiters are friendly and fast. Would recommend it to anyone.”
M- Salem, MA