Kushco Bistro

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(978) 745-6996


“Delicious food and friendly service. Their roll ups, sandwiches and soups are super yummy and they have a lot of different selections. The frozen yogurt is a MUST after every meal. They only have chocolate and vanilla to choose from but they literally have every candy and sundae topping that you can think of (and more) to mix in! Definitely a great place to go for some fast and delicious food. ”
Ashley- Salem, MA

“The people who work here are very friendly and seem super family oriented. They offer amazing food and a friendly atmosphere. As for convince — it’s right downtown,, which is why I rated it a 9, but if you’re parking you’ll have to find something on the street. An excellent choice on the soup block.”
AW- Salem, MA

“Everything is fresh and made to order.”
KB- Peabody, MA

“The food is absolutely top notch. The portion size is enormous, definitely enough for more than one meal. All the food is fresh and made to order.  MAJOR KUDOS!!!! THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!”
Matt- Salem, MA