Brother’s Taverna

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“Brother’s has been a staple of my restaurant existence for 10 years now. Anyone who lives on the North Shore should be aware of the excellent food at all of the Brother’s locations (Lynn, Beverly, Salem…Danvers is owned by someone else, but is still really good). It is cafeteria style, the food is made fresh in front of you, and the staff is courteous and extremely efficient. I go to Brother’s is Salem mainly for breakfast, but everything is excellent. One caveat: During Halloween, it can get crazy packed, so try to ogo the other 11 months of the year. You’ll enjoy yourself a lot more. Get the Baked Mac & Cheese, it’s unbelievable.”
Matt- Salem, MA

“Tables, floors and entire restaurant was very clean. Prices cannot be matched by any other restaurant for exceptional value. Portions were huge, something for every taste is on the menu. Even home cooking cannot beat the dishes served in this restaurant. Everything was seasoned perfectly and cooked to perfection.”
Karen- Salem, MA


1 thought on “Brother’s Taverna

  1. i cant believe they changed the place and the food got worse,they we’re out of what i wanted so i had to order something else that was way overcooked, not the same place if u ask me, and not worth the price.. Brothers in Salem is not the same as it use to be food wise, plus i have heard other people say the same, so thumbs down to the new salem brothers

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